pysesa.lengthscale module

Calculates the integral lengthscale of a Nx3 point cloud using 1 of 3 available methods and also returns the tapered 2D grid of 3D pointcloud for spectral analysis


You call the function like this:

im = pysesa.lengthscale(points, res, lentype, taper, method).getdata()


lengthscale = pysesa.lengthscale(points, res, lentype, taper, method).getlengthscale()


points : ndarray
Nx3 point cloud

Other Parameters

res : float, optional [default = 0.05]
spatial grid resolution to create a grid
lentype : int, optional [default = 0, l<0.5]
lengthscale type:

1, l<0.5

2, l<1/e

3, l<0

taper : int, optional [default = Hanning]
flag for taper type:

1, Hanning (Hann)

2, Hamming

3, Blackman

4, Bartlett

method : str, optional [default = ‘nearest’]
gridding type

Returns [requested through .getdata()] ndarray
tapered 2D grid of 3D pointcloud

Returns [requested through .getlengthscale()]

self.lengthscale: float
integral lengthscale