pysesa.partition module

Partition a Nx3 point cloud into M windows of nx3 points with specified spacing between centroids of adjacent windows and with specified overlap between windows. Implemented using a binary search tree for fast nearest neighbour point check with boundary pruning


You call the function like this:

nr_pts = pysesa.partition(toproc, out, res, mxpts, minpts, prc_overlap).getdata()


toproc : ndarray
Nx3 point cloud

Other Parameters

out : float, optional [default = 0.5]
output grid resolution
res : float, optional [default = 0.05]
spatial grid resolution to create a grid for the boundary pruning
mxpts : float, optional [default = 1024]
maximum number of points allowed in a window
minpts : float, optional [default = 16]
minimum number of points allowed in a window
prc_overlap : float, *optional” [default = 0]
percentage overlap between windows

Returns list
list of M ndarrays, each containing n indices

of original point cloud, toproc, to partition space to create M windows