pysesa.detrend module

Detrend a Nx3 point cloud by specified method


You call the function like this:

detrended_pts = pysesa.detrend(points, proctype, res, method).getdata()


points : ndarray
Nx3 point cloud
proctype : int
type of detrending.

1 = remove mean

2 = remove Ordinary least squares plane

3 = remove Robust linear model plane

4 = remove Orthogonal Distance Regression plane

5 = remove Savitsky-Golay digital filter, order 1

Other Parameters

res : float, optional [default = 0.05]
for proctype==4 only

spatial grid resolution to create a grid

method : str, optional [default = ‘nearest’]
for proctype==4 only gridding type

Returns ndarray
Nx3 detrended point cloud