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See ORCID page and Google Scholar page for a fairly complete list of publications and citations.

Six Selected Publications

D. Buscombe, P. E. Grams, M. A. Kaplinski (2014) Characterizing riverbed sediment using high-frequency acoustics 2: Scattering signatures of Colorado River bed sediment in Marble and Grand Canyons. JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH - EARTH SURFACE 119:F003191, 2014.(pdf)

D. Buscombe. (2013) Transferable Wavelet Method for Grain Size-Distribution from Images of Sediment Surfaces and Thin Sections, and Other Natural Granular Patterns. SEDIMENTOLOGY 60:1709--1732, 2013.(pdf)

D. Buscombe, D. Conley (2012) Effective Shear Stress of Graded Sediment. WATER RESOURCES RESEARCH, 48:W05506, 2012.(pdf)

J.R. Lacy, D.M. Rubin, D. Buscombe (2012) Currents and sediment transport induced by a tsunami far from its source. JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH - OCEANS 117:C09028, 2012.(pdf)

M. J. Austin, Buscombe (2008) Morphological Change and Sediment Dynamics of the Beach Step on a Macrotidal Gravel Beach. MARINE GEOLOGY 249:167--183, 2008.(pdf)

Buscombe, G. Masselink. (2006) Concepts in Gravel Beach Dynamics. EARTH SCIENCE REVIEWS 79:33--52, 2006.(pdf)